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04.22.2012 § Leave a comment

The family left last week, but it was great to see them after what felt like forever. I finally took a little of my vacation that has been building up to spend he first couple of days with them. Of course, I was put on the production end of a competition right after I returned to work, so the next two weeks were a bit rough. It was a fun group, though, and the project seemed to turn out well, but it did not make it an easier kind of homecoming.
After the submission, I took off the three work days for the Easter holiday week, so I did get a good time them. I could not believe how big Desmond is getting. We went to the park and the Post and Tele Museum, which is free and has an entire floor devoted to a kids area. Des just called it “The Slide Museum” because the main attraction is a steep little stair that leads up to four black tube slides that are all pitch black. I could never remember which one ended in which room, so I would watch Des go down the hole and then fight the hoard of kids coming up the stairs and then run around trying to find where he ended up. Usually he was off playing on his own someplace and had not even noticed that I was not there.
Some of the other photos are of the apartment we rented in the center of the city, just around the corner from Rosenberg Palace and a short walk to the Statens Museum. Luckily, there was also a nice bakery or two to have pastries to go with the espresso maker that was in the apartment. I had a daily habit of three to four lattes. I am still going through withdrawal.
I am back at work now, and have just finished a quick weeklong charrette proposal for a new bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia. I had seen some of the things that are being done there, but reading the most recent issue of Mark Magazine, I had no idea what a hotbed of architectural development it had become. The city itself looks gorgeous, with all of these screened balconies that have a nice mix of western and eastern influenced patterning that came from it being a major stop on the Silk Road. Definitely on the list of places to visit someday…
And the photos.


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