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The second week saw the start of the competition, which included a day trip to Viborg (in Jutland) for a site visit. We also got to visit the new Town Hall, which HLA designed. It is a nice space, and surprisingly quiet despite there every floor being open to the atrium (also a great use of the stair/bleacher, which seems to get a fair amount of use).

As Denmark is consolidating the numerous smaller hospitals into larger centers that can handle newer equipment, higher patient demands, and larger trauma centers, there is an expanding need for designers of healthcare facilities. One of the people heading up the team described the expansion and investment as the largest single use of public money since Denmark became Christian, which led to the need for a lot of churches. So, he continued, healthcare is the new religion.

Just realized that there are no images of the actual site. I will try to include a before and after set at some point. The consensus was that there was no where to go but up, if that is any indication of the current state. I included the most compelling things, the concrete wall with moss and the frosted grass. It was cold.



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