Prags Blvd (Part 2.3: The Architecture)

09.08.2011 § Leave a comment

Prags Boulevard 43

The final stop is a place that was not designed by Dorte Mandrup. It was not even something that I had intentionally found (I should do a series on incidental findings en route to different locations). It is an interesting space because it was repurposed by the organization, which is an international org that began in Denmark to aid in repurposing empty buildings. At the location on Prags Boulevard, they helped found a collective of artists/performers and craftspeople. I had photos of the lot from my time here in 2009 just because I liked the graffiti covered yellow house that marks the entry, but it is more interesting with the new life of the collective.

The 6400m2 large plot located on Prag’s Boulevard 43 is the former Sadolin Paint Factory and consists of four buildings that have been made ​​ available from Dutch landowner Akzo Nobel. The PB43 collective has a wide range of occupants and amenities, including a bicycle workshop, wood workshop, gallery, working community, urban laboratory, textile printing, pottery, photography studio, circus performances, and an urban garden. It is even possible to buy organic vegetables from the Copenhagen International Food Community, which has a small collection center in the old yellow administration building that I had admired.

The day that I visited was mostly filled with disassembly from the ThinkSpace Unconference, which had just finished. From talking to some of the people there, the space has consistent activity and the yard is normally filled with some kind of happening. It reminded me a lot of Illutron, which I documented earlier, in how the members came together to share works with the public. The big difference was that the individual workspaces meant that there were more single personalities and organizations within the factory. I suppose the nature of the boat has confines, even though Illutron had interesting ways of expanding into the harbor. Spatially, the PB43 courtyard was an interesting element that worked in the opposite way. Where the hackerspace boat was expanding the collective outward, the Prags compound expands their individual spaces inward.

From the website, some more images of the space (including the fabrication of the Jenga-ish positive/negative elephant on display at the DAC).


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