Prags Blvd (Part 2.2: The Architecture)

09.08.2011 § Leave a comment


The next stop, which is almost at the opposite end of the boulevard is the Prism, a sport and culture center that was completed in 2006. The building has been aptly described as a web that is stretched to connect the existing residential buildings. Approaching on Prags Boulevard from the Kvarterhuset, the stretched form is not apparent. It is really only from within that one gets the impression of how the shape was influenced by the adjacent gabled buildings. While visually complex, the structural system is a light element against the expansive green floor and translucent cladding.

Programmatically, the center is meant to be flexible. Obviously, sport is the day-to-day use, but the design intent was to create a space that is more focused on play than the competitive sports that most sport centers cater to. The bleacher seating is sparse, tending more toward ramps that lead up to areas to be used for more individual or small group practice. The poly panels that clad the building were an inexpensive solution and are visually compelling in both the light and in the evening. According to the architect, this was a temporary solution until the neighborhood had the funds to put a more insulating material on. Apparently, the lack of sound-damping has not been well received by the multiple buildings that are connected to the center…


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