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I arrived in Copenhagen on July 4, just missing the worst rain that the country has seen in 30 years. The apartment that I rented for the summer is located in Østerbro, and the only remnants of the flooding is a pool of standing water on top of the train station across the street. The flat is on the fifth floor, so it would likely not have been affected either way, but the images are astonishing. It has rained a bit since then, but nothing like the 6 inches that came down just before I arrived. I missed most of the aftermath by holing up in the apartment fighting jetlag and a sinus infection aggravated by the trip over. Not an ideal start, but hopefully all the bad news will clear up soon…

I have managed to settle into the apartment and have a pretty amazing view over the Svanemøllen station and surrounding buildings. One of the things I remember from my previous trips to Copenhagen was the packaged crepes they sell in stores, which are impressive when combined with Nutella and bananas. It is the little things.

The highlight of the trip thus far would have to be a return to Lagkagehuset, probably the best bakery in the world. I treated myself to a jordbær tart along the canal, but I should probably return soon for something chocolate and some kanelbrød (cinnamon bread that is basically heaven in loaf form).


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